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Diabetes Testing

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease of the imbalance of sugar in the body. The early stages of the disease have very few symptoms.  Someone may have diabetes, and might be having damage to their kidneys, eyes, and cardiovascular system, yet not even know it.

It is very important to be tested for diabetes regularly. 

A diabetes test is done during every routine physical.   People can also make an appointment with Dr. Seysan specifically for diabetes testing.

Schedule Diabetes Treatment in Lewisville - Flower Mound Diabetes Testing

Diabetes testing and evaluations can be scheduled at the Flower Mound Family Healthcare Center by calling 972-691-8585, or booking online by clicking on the blue button to the right.

There are several causes of diabetes:

  1. Genetics is one factor contributing to the disease.
  2. Weight gain can cause diabetes.
  3. Poor diet.
  4. A person's resistance to their own insulin.

Diabetes Symptoms

What symptoms are associated with diabetes?

High blood glucose, hyperglycemia, means that your blood glucose may be around 140 or higher. You may have NO SYMPTOMS, or you might experience some of these diabetes symptoms.

  1. Increased thirst
  2. Increased frequency of urination
  3. Increased tiredness
  4. Blurred vision

Low blood glucose, hypoglycemia, means that your blood glucose is under 70. You might have:

  1. sweating or cold, clammy skin
  2. dizziness, shakiness or tingling feeling
  3. a hard, fast heartbeat or headache
  4. confusion/irritability

Diabetes Testing

When should someone get tested to see if they have diabetes?

People should be tested for diabetes every year.  It is one of the tests done during routine physical examinations.  Most often, diabetes symptoms creep up over time, and patients are unaware that they have it until it has reached a serious level. 

Why is insulin needed?

Some of the foods we eat are converted to glucose, which cells need for energy.  But the cells cannot use glucose unless insulin attaches to the cell first.  The insulin is like a key which unlocks the cells that need glucose to function.

Without enough insulin, high blood glucose damages blood vessels. This damage leads to complications that affect every cell in your body. Complications include heart attack, stroke, kidney damage, blindness, nerve damage, and the risk of limb loss (amputation). By managing your blood glucose as directed by a physician, you can reduce the risk of complications.

Diabetes Treatment

How does Dr. Seysan treat diabetes?

Each patient has their own individualized diabetes treatment plan with Dr. Seysan.  The patient is diagnosed and treated based upon their medical history, family history, and blood tests combined with a meal plan, exercise plan, and medication.

Diabetes Management

Early onset diabetes symptoms can frequently be managed by a change in lifestyle: eating more fruits and vegetables, and less carbohydrates and fatty foods; eating smaller portions; and exercising more systematically can reverse diabetes symptoms.

Dr. Seysan offers a comprehensive diabetes management plan suited to each individual.  As a primary care doctor, Dr. Seysan takes into account all other health conditions, and all of the patient’s medications to ensure that the patient reaches their optimal health with the least medications.

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